Thursday, July 07, 2011


After waiting and with much prayer, we are pleased to announce that we will be adding two gorgeous sons to our family. Our just seems to unbelievable to say and type. They are brothers ages eight and ten.

Our sons.

They have been waiting for five years to have a family. But because they are older boys and the eldest is missing a hand, these diamonds in the rough have been over looked.

They are devoted to each other and I feel grateful that we will be able to provide a family that will allow them to grow up together and safe. With our agency, they had the resources (a counselor) to go into the compound where they are staying to ask them specific questions that my husband and I had listed. Although I would love to share their background and how they came to have no parents, I feel that it would be a personal violation to them. I want it to be a story they tell when they are comfortable enough. I would hate for them to find out that everybody else knew intimate events of their lives that even they haven't come to terms with yet.

However, all that being said, I wanted to share the very thing that stole our hearts when they answered our questions. The eldest claimed that he could not remember the events that left he and his brother orphans nor could her remember his parents. Thinking this was odd, the counselor prodded further only to find out that he was afraid to mention his parents or his love for them fearing that no one would want to adopt him or his brother. Oh, his desire runs deep to belong to a deep he was willing to camouflage the memory of his own parents to obtain new ones. Ouch. When I read this (along with the other answers to our questions), and if it had been possible and legal, I would have booked a flight to go and immediately retrieve this duo.

Our sons. The words taste so sweet on my tongue.

We are in the beginning of all the paperwork that needs to be done. The estimate given to us is about 8-10 months before they darken our doorway. We would covet any prayers during this process and prayers for the boys too. Pray that even though they do not know we are coming, that they are given a sense of hope and peace that they will have a family soon.


  1. Sweet! Congratulations :) They are so very handsome and I know that you all will be great together...

  2. Fantastic news! I will keep thinking of you and hoping the process moves swiftly and efficiently :)

  3. Oh wow, this is so wonderful! They are beautiful boys, such kind eyes :) This post brought tears ~ so excited for you, for them! You are in my prayers :)

  4. This is excellent news! That comment from the eldest shows(to me) that they are very loving. The first thing I thought of when I saw their faces was to look to the faces of your other children on the sidebar and think, "Those boys will be so overjoyed when they find out how many siblings they will be gaining!"

  5. What wonderful, exciting news Thea!!! We will pray for your journey!!! They are gorgeous boys! Praise the Lord these boys will have a forever family - your family!!! :0)