Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pictures Of The Amazing

WARNING: If you don't like to see butt cracks or amniotic fluid, do not look at these pictures.....these photos would not be for you. :)

On the morning of March 10th, my labor started. And I remember looking at our baby's future bed thinking that it would be filled soon with a squiggly new life.......our child.

As labor progressed, the midwife checked often for a good heart rate. Everything looked and sounded great. The contractions were far and few between but oh, so strong.

I am nearing transition and it is now March 11th....later in the day. I have watched movies, heard and told bad jokes, tried different laboring positions, been in and out of the birthing tub and was wondering how much longer I would have to wait to see my baby. It has already been over 24 hours and I am exhausted. I have rested very little but my friends and midwife keep me encouraged.

My water has broken.....finally. I start to have urges to push. My "squeeze team" swoop down time after time to deliver comfort that I don't think I could have lived without. To even look at this picture brings tears to my eyes as I realize how good the Lord has been to provide such friends. They were God's hands on this day. They were amazing......

This is an incredible picture......

A girl!!!!!!!!!

Sarah!! You are beautiful!!!

Oh the relief that the labor is over and she is here.....she is finally here.

Need I say more?

Monday, March 12, 2012

She's Here!

This will be short. But I just wanted to let you know that Sarah Verity Lewis was born last night in our bedroom at 6:17pm weighing in at 8lbs even and measuring 21.5 inches. She is gorgeous and we are all so madly in love with this new little being in our family. I don't have pics just yet, but will post them as soon as I get my wits about me.

It was a long and arduous labor that was eased with the comfort of an amazing midwife and two incredible friends that kept me encouraged and laughing to the very end. I was truly blessed and couldn't have asked for a better group of women. I felt the Lord's presence throughout the entire labor and birth.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement.....it has meant the world to me. I feel great and now look forward to two more branches of our family tree to arrive in about 6 weeks. I don't think life can get any better than this!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

So What's The Big Deal About 21 Inches?

Apparently, a whole heck of a lot.

However, I guess it depends on who you ask. For a marathon runner ending the last two feet of their race.... no big deal. For my children swimming carefree from one side of the pool to the other, piece of cake. For a flight landing in Ethiopia from the US to meet two young sons....crazy to even mention measuring.

But ask me this same question when I am laboring to bring forth the life God has so graciously let me harbor and nurture under my heart for nine months. Ask me now how this very exact 21 inches holds hostage my thoughts in how my body is going to cope moving a 9-10lb child from one side of the cervix to the other. All of a sudden, this 21 inches turns into a mental and physical cross country adventure. But honestly, I know of no sweeter finish line.....and no greater relief.

Yes, it really does matter who you ask what 21 inches means to them.

Today is my official due date. And everyday after today is a day waiting to be claimed as a birthday. Every Braxton Hicks contraction holds the hope and wonder if this is actually going to be the one that sets things in motion. Which one will be the one that acts as the gun that starts the race?

The phone calls are increasing with calls of curiosity and expectation. The phone calls I place to others are answered within one ring and this makes me chuckle. This is a sweet, sweet time. As with all my others, I will remember this as such an amazing gift.

Thank you God.

Ephrem and Anteneh have had all their visa medicals and the results have been received. Their file will be submitted to the Embassy this coming Monday. The last thing that needs to be done is getting the aunt that has relinquished them to come in for an interview. How long this will take is anyone's guess as she does not live locally.....could be days, could be weeks. With all this being said, assuming there are no hitches in the process, we should be welcoming our sweet sons home sometime in mid-April.