Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Conversation

As I was saying good night to my precious daughter last night I felt the sudden urge to start the following conversation with her....

Me: Little one....where is your eyebrow? (Asked with absolutely no expression at all)

Daughter: Ummm......I don't know.

Me: Your eyebrow is missing. Where is it?

Daughter: Oh, that eyebrow. I snipped it off.

Me: You snipped it off. With what?

Daughter: With your fingernail thingees.

Me: My fingernail thingees. You mean you clipped off your eyebrow with my fingernail clippers??

Daughter: No. Your fingernail scissors....you know, those tiny scissors.

Me: Show me.

She proceeds to prance her one-eyebrowed self down the hall and retrieve my tiny scissors with curved blades at the end. And to imagine my five year old clipping happily away near her right eye ball makes me glad I don't witness all that my children do. Inquiring minds
don't always want to know.

Thank you Lord that eyebrows grow back.

And thank you Lord that the ER was not a place visited as a result of eyebrow snipping gone wrong.


  1. I can def. see you saying this to her in a calm manner! So funny!

  2. That is a RIOT!!! Can I just say that I had to make a trip to the emergency room to have my eyelashes razored off because they were stuck in a faulty eyelash curler. Yeah, my Dad gave me the old, "Vanity has its price" speech when I first called him for 'help'. hahahahaha So, the trimmed eyebrow thing is not so surprising to this gal!

  3. Yes, I have an eyebrow story as well.....but I think your eyelash mishap may top mine. For crying out loud Kristin, the ER??? Now that's funny! At what point did your father decide this was ER worthy? AND what did the staff at the ER say? It's all probably documented in medical journals by now.

    When I was a teenager, I got a little over zealous when tweezing my brows and eventually ended up looking something akin to a chemo patient. Realizing this before a much anticipated date, I remedied this by gently brushing on mascara over my eye brow region. It looked pretty convincing if I do say so myself.....until I began to sweat, during the date, while cheering at a basket ball game.
    I so don't need to finish this story as you can probably creatively imagine what happened. It took going to the bathroom for a good pee and a vain look in the mirror to put me in a state of catatonic horror. I looked like Alice Cooper gone wrong.....if that's possible. Anyway, that's my eyebrow story. And yes, this guy actually asked me out again.