Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Call To Prayer For Hurting Friends.

An urgent request for prayer. I should have done this sooner but didn't recognize this as an avenue to ask. But nevertheless, I desperately ask.

Please refer to this blog for the full story:


In a nutshell, they have gone to Ukraine to adopt and retrieve twin sisters. They are still there as I type. The adoptive process went well all the way until they reached Ukrainian soil. They arrived to an orphanage director who claimed that the girls did not know of the adoption and were visiting with their grandmother who would be very upset at learning of the attempt to have them adopted. All of this turned out to be untrue except for the grandmother part. She is very upset. She is determined to keep them to herself and looks as though she might be successful.

Through several instances of contact, while the McCoy's have been in Ukraine, the grandmother has been able to sway, scare and lie to the sisters about the intent of the McCoy's adopting them. No one knows what has been said, but the sisters are apparently not interested anymore in being adopted. The grandmother has stated she will file for guardianship....even though she has no means to support them. I am telling too much at the risk of possibly not telling of the situation correctly. Go to the blog.

The McCoys have been amazing throughout all of this and realize that God's plans are always good. But they are human too and I believe their hurt is big and deep over this issue. There is a slim chance that they may be able to bring these sisters home.

Please pray how you feel led for them. I can't imagine being in their shoes, but I have been amazed and inspired by their perspective on the whole situation. Please pray for continued comfort, peace and a discernment of when to fight and when to give up. Please pray that God is glorified throughout all of this....as I know this would be their desire as well.

Thank you for interceding on their behalf. I know that they would thank you too.

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  1. I have been following this saga also and praying for this amazing family! It is heart-rending! I am so glad you are calling for more to pray!