Thursday, January 13, 2011

Third and Final Home Study Meeting

Well. Let's say that I was bound and determined to have this last meeting. It was icy out and 90% of my progeny were being attacked by some virus gone rogue causing anything from stomach aches, fevers to the basic urge to want to die. At least they were all "calm" and more than willing to be put in the play room to watch a movie.....while propped up with sticks.....this was just to make them look perkier than they felt when the caseworker peeks in.

I sound like the perfect person to adopt right? Don't answer that.

After getting my "patients" comfortable and squared away, Liz, my husband and I sat down for our last meeting and we were scheduled to talk about our marriage. It actually was a lot of's always nice to remember and retell the story of how we met. We both walked away from this meeting relieved that the
home study was over, but reminded of how much we've been through together and how God was so good in pairing the two of us. However, the blush of these feelings quickly faded when he asked me, with a wink, to pull his finger.....again. A sense of humor is definitely a must in our household.

Now, our next step is to prepare our dossier. I always thought this was a square dance move but I have since learned that this is the sum total of all our documents that will bring our child(
ren) home to us. From everyone I have ever spoken with who has adopted, they all say this is the most grueling process in preparing to adopt. The paper work, the signatures, the re-doing of paper work and the running around to get notarizations, authentication, medicals, fingerprints, background checks......... And I will do this all diligently and with focus because I am fueled by the singular desire of wanting to see my new son(s) and or daughter(s) as soon as possible.

Alright folks....I am beat. Until the next posting; sweet dreams.


  1. Morning! So excited for you guys! So much of what you need to be done now was a part of our homestudy. It's not that bad, but I can say that because Jeff did all the legwork! It'll be done before you know it.

  2. How many times have I told you to NEVER pull that man's finger! No good can come of it (ha ha).
    Keep up the good blogging, Thea!

  3. Had a little time on your hands this morning?

  4. I just found you blog from "Mega Family Blogs" and I must say I love your title.

    We too have 9 children. 5 bio children and 4 adopted children from foster care.

    I wish your family the best as you answer your calling to adopt.