Saturday, January 08, 2011

Home Study: Second of Three Visits

The last visit went so smoothly that I didn't even check the toilets this time. In fact, although we still picked up the house this time, it wasn't the frantic and desperate effort caused by the fear of failure and rejection.

Our social worker, Liz, is easy going and has been successful at putting both of us at ease. I actually was looking forward to her visit. The part I was a little anxious about was the fact that now it was my turn to be "investigated". Would she bring to surface the chinks in my armor and would they be significant enough to report negatively? I am not perfect. My past certainly was not perfect. But I am certain, and have proof, that the love of Christ has healed me and made me stronger than if I had not gone through my particular trials. I am not sure that our social worker is a believer or not. She has remained neutral on that topic. I just pray that she can sense the work of the Holy Spirit in my life as I relay to her the truth of the chaos of what made me who I am today....redeemed.

I have no idea how Liz will interpret and write about what she heard tumble out of my mouth. As I spoke she wrote. How will this all look on paper?

The Lord is in control and I know he is behind this adoption odyssey. Although I have many questions......I feel a core of peace about this whole process. I love this.


  1. This is all so good to hear! Sounds like the process is moving right along :)

  2. I so TOTALLY know that peace you're talking about and it's exhilirating! Keep trusting the God Who has put you on this journey and not the details of the journey itself! 2 down, 1 to go!

  3. So how did it go? Did you spill your guts???