Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Home Study: First of Three Visits

25 minutes and counting. Then 15. Nope, I wasn't nervous about the home study. I just like watching minutes pass and biting my nails. I'm also a liar. I made sure none of the littles decided to disrobe and run around in the raw......it's been known to happen at inopportune moments such as this. I was relieved to find everyone clothed but I did find my three year old coloring all over herself with black permanent marker and my 1 year old had run into the counter at mach speed developing a wound that looked suspiciously like I had whacked him with a bat. Beautiful.

Now, here's the real confession; I even ran around and made sure there were no "floaters" or skid marks in the toilets. I could just see it. Being turned down for the adoption because of a trick turd that chose to come back up after a flush that should have been final. Defiance at its worst.

Yep. This is what I worried about.....things that would not, in reality, come back to haunt me but horrified me nonetheless.

The doorbell rang and my
Sharpee stained-for-life kid answered the door along with my 1 yr. old with the knot the size of a second head protruding from his right temple. At least they did it with award winning smiles. The social worker seemed unphased.......hopefully, a good sign. All of our children swarmed her and the youngest ones telling her their names and ages. She, Liz, took this opportunity to ask all the children what they thought about adopting a new sibling. All responded positively. Then she asked what they thought would change with the addition of a new brother or sister. And my oldest responded "Not much." Which is truth at its best since my children have grown up having known the methodical addition of siblings almost every year. Not having a new life come into our home for almost two years has been a new twist for us. We are all hungry for new blood.

We proceeded to the study and sat down. My two oldest daughters went to the kitchen to bake cookies and my youngest daughters bathed their naked Barbies in the kitchen sink. My sons went to the playroom to absorb themselves in a good
Wii game.

Down to business. Her first questions revolved around our homeschooling our children. Apparently this is not looked highly upon in the country from which we want to adopt. We had to tell of the
curriculum we were employing as well as all the social activities and sports in which they were involved.

Then she gave us a choice about what we were going to investigate for the first visit. Steve's past, my past or our marriage. Steve's past was put on the chopping block first. It was good to sit back and listen to the questions as it will give me time to reflect on how I will answer when the time comes to spill the beans. I have pretty much come to the conclusion that, although the truth is best, keeping the answers short and to the point is the best route....kind of like the perfect skirt. Long enough to cover the topic and short enough to keep it interesting. Over-explaining anything may lead to suspicion of deeper issues.

So, all in all, the first visit went well and in my estimation didn't last long enough. I wanted to get everything done yesterday. Friday will be our second visit and next Tues. will be our last. So, thank you all for your prayers. I have a good and hopeful feeling mainly because I know the Lord is behind this whole adventure and your prayers are keeping everything afloat.

Thank you so much.


  1. We have been praying! I had to laugh when I read your last comment - on prayers keeping everything "afloat"! Hopefully not everything! hahaha keep those toilets flushed! And I had to chuckle remembering the first time I visited you at your house so many years ago! We will keep praying and praying! So glad it went well!

  2. Yes...in total agreement with Rick. My mind headed the same place. You should know by now that you don't want everything "afloat", my dear.

    Still praying. Why do I find myself longing to follow in your footsteps as I read??? And how can I have 8 wk old babies and long to walk down this path and gather our own sweet children home to us?? I envy you in every wonderful way. I fee like our adoption journey was never completed...left hanging indefinitely...still to be finished. Oneday. For now, you will pave the way for us and I will watch and learn. Praying.

  3. I was thinking about the time when one of the little ones had poop all on the walls! It was either yours or Meghans little ones..What a site that would have been! Your children are amazing and you have nothing to worry about! Really! I pray that God will direct yall's path.


  4. Nice analogy with the skirt! And I totally agree with keeping it short and sweet. Everything you share will end up in writing in the homestudy! I know you did great though. With humor and grace :D