Saturday, January 29, 2011


After much prayer and deliberation, we have decided to back track.

It looks as though we are having to get our home study re-done. The director of the home study agency has proven to be fairly difficult and hard to work with. She has been resistant to making corrections or changes to the current home study that our placement agency is requiring as well as being argumentative with the director of our placement agency. When I inquired about her decision to restrict us to just one child, she began to question our ability to even take care one child because of the size of our family and our decision to delay our vaccinations for our youngest children. She told us that this was an obvious sign of our being "over-extended". In my heart, I know she is dead wrong.....she wasn't even the one who interviewed us. The home study of us didn't reflect any concerns of this nature. In fact, the home study made us look as if we could take on the entire world's orphan population until it said we could only handle one child. Her questionable reputation is gaining momentum as we have been informed that other clients are fleeing her services due to her bad attitude. Apparently, I am not the only one.

We need a team player in this adoption, not a road block.

The director of my placement agency worked her rear end off trying to locate another agency that could provide better services and not be so combative towards me nor her. Yes, extra money and extra time....but we have to do this right. The new home study agency director is amazing and says that she can get our home study done in two weeks since we have all the documents ready and have been through the "process" already.

We will be starting the dossier document prep. stage this coming week. As long as things are moving forward, I am content......
although, faster wouldn't hurt.

I am antsy. I am so eager to put a face or faces to our new family members. I know you can hear me Lord, please take care of them and reassure them in ways only you can. Whisper to them.....that we will come soon. Prepare their hearts for healing.......and prepare ours as well. We are coming......

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