Saturday, June 02, 2012

It Was The Night Before......

It was the night before the landing
counting the minutes and the hours
praying for new brothers walking
from their life to ours

We've talked of the change
We've meandered over our cares
To know what it means
To give our lives for theirs

Pain is everywhere, the poverty never ending
But God has blessed us so much
We had to do something

So when I look in their eyes
I see not one guarantee
Of a rose colored ending
Where we are all "home free"

I sense bodies that need hugging 
I see healing that needs to begin
I will try to ask nothing in return
Just my Father's "Amen"

I know this is all
Easier said and harder shown
If their parents were living
I would tell them their sons have a home

But what I suspect will happen
And it will have to be given
From the greatest of gift givers
From our Father in Heaven

And when His gift is opened
It will be humbly realized
That our boys were the ones
Who rescued us and opened our eyes

-Dedicated to Ephrem and Anteneh

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