Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Do These Numbers Mean?

6/3                        1:24 pm                   #3757

If you don't have the slightest of inklings, then I am happy to tell you that on Sunday, June 3rd at 1:24pm, our sweet boys Ephrem and Anteneh will be arriving on United flight #3757 at the Raleigh/Durham Airport. 

Please come help us welcome our sweet boys home into our family!  We would love to see you there at the airport.  This day is as exciting as my wedding day and the days my sweet babies were born.  

This life is crazy good.   Woo Hoooo!!!!!


  1. That is awesome Thea!! I would be there if I could! Hugs! Looking forward to meeting them when we come home!

  2. I knew what the numbers meant!!! Do i get a prize? Unfortunately, i don't get to meet them in the airport because i too will be arriving in RDU that same day but not until 9hrs. later! BOO!!! Maybe their flight will be majorly delayed and i'll catch a major tailwind and get there around the same time? just kidding. I will be thinking about all of you guys even if i can't be there!!!

  3. I can't make it to airport--too far away! But, will be thinking and praying for you all. So happy for you Thea!!

  4. So thrilled about your boys homecoming and do take tons of pictures of them and post it. Can't wait!!

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  6. OMGosh!
    Is the day really SET and READY and GOING TO HAPPEN?
    Yayyyyyyyyyyy! I am SO excited for you!! I wish I could be there! Why does California have to be SO far away!! Boo!
    Oh well, I will just have to trust that those who are there will take PLENTY of photos to capture the moment...the moment that your two sons get off that plane and go straight into your arms.

    And VIDEO! Please someone...be sure to take video of that moment!

    Thea, this is so amazing and I am just so very happy for you. I will be thinking about you on Sunday!!! What a special day!