Tuesday, May 08, 2012


What was assumed would only take several weeks has now turned into an indefinite wait.  Our whole adoptive process, at this point, rests on the shoulders of our boys' aunt.  She is needing to come in for an interview at the Ethiopian embassy which would free the boys to travel.  She has cancelled two previous embassy appointments and now she is off in a different region for mourning ceremonies related to her deceased mother.  Many attempts have been made to contact her.  At first, it looked as though  she would be back as early as the end of this week.  Now we have information that she may not be back for weeks.  She has to have some inkling as to what her absence is doing and preventing.  I'm just not understanding her reasoning.....at all.  I am having a hard time chalking this down to cultural differences when it feels so blatantly like apathy.  I just don't understand what is going on.  There is a small voice inside me saying that things are not what they appear.  Something is up.

So, this adoption and all involved need your prayers.  Pray for a quick resolution to this mess.  I have been in contact with different entities trying to get a feel for what alternatives we have to get our boys home.  Pray for Ephrem and Anteneh.  Pray that they have peace and the continued confidence that we are fighting for them and that we are coming to get them.

My heart is aching...but I just don't know what else to do.  It just hurts so much to wait.  Please pray.

Below is a link to where you can see Ephrem and Anteneh read a letter from us assuring them that we are coming for them and that they have a brand new baby sister.  It is precious.



  1. I can't imagine what you must be feeling. We are praying and praying. Love you so much! Sandy

  2. I love you guys and we will be praying for you! I am hitting the deck right now on my knees!

  3. That video made me tear up! I love, love, love hearing their voices! Especially how they say "Sarah" !!! Oh Thea...I will PRAY that the aunt will sign whatever it is she needs to sign quickly! Those boys need to be with you all -- like, right now! They are just so precious. You are all in my prayers!

  4. They are absolutely adorable!!! Praying that these sweet boys can come home soon and the their aunt will be moved to act and release them via the interview. We have seen God move many mountains with our adoption recently. Excitedly waiting with you to see what He will do here. Love you :) Amy