Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Today Is The Day

Today is the day that needs to be bathed in prayer.   Today is the day my boys' aunt should have arrived at the embassy for her interview.  Today is the day that we will find out if our boys will be physically absorbed by our family within the next week.  


Pretty soon all the todays will be yesterdays that we will gaze back upon and see the perfect timing of God's hand in all of this.  The waiting will always have the emotional photo in my mind of longing and impatience.  I will put this in their scrapbook too.  And I will look back, and I pray they will look back, and see the beauty and perfection of it all. 

Today is the day............


  1. Oh thea, we have been praying and praying! I tried calling you over the weekend and figured you had lots going on. I am so excited and anxious and can't imagine how you feel! I love you!!!

  2. My thoughts are with you and your family....we are thrilled and praying that your 2 babies will be in your arms really really soon!!

  3. Thinking so much of you guys today.... hoping everything goes as it should. Miss you, my Thea-Wea. <3