Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Today Is The Day!

It happened!! We got THE call!!

We have a court date set for January 26
th. This is amazing! This means I GET TO GO.....by the skin of my teeth!

I get to......

-Meet our boys.
-Hug them and tell them that we are theirs.
-Tell them they are precious and we can't wait to get to know them.
-Tell them they get to come home.
-See how they move.
-What makes them smile.
-See where they have lived for the past 2 years.
-Smell them.

....CLAIM them.

Last night I was thinking of the next post I was going to write and what I was going to say.

I was going to say that.....

-I'm tired of looking at videos of them
there; it's not enough anymore.
-The videos
I want to see have our house in the background not their orphanage.
-I need to have peace about staying home.

But I don't have to. I AM GOING!!!!! I'm doing the pee pee dance!

So much to do. Reservations to make; forms to fill out; people to talk to; bags to prepare and pack and my beautiful brown boys to dream about.

THIS, my friends, is a cool, cool day.


  1. Praise to Him who does more than we ask or imagine!!!!!


  3. PRAISE God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so awesome. I am so excited, thrilled, overjoyed, ecstatic for you and your family. They are very blessed to become part of your wonderful family. I can hardly wait to see the upcoming pix of all of you TOGETHER!!!!!

  4. Joy of joys! So excited for you guys :) I have so much to tell you. If you get a wee bit of time, I would love to get together with you before you go...Amy

  5. Not by the skin of your teeth ... in God's PERFECT timing. He is Faithful! He is SOVEREIGN!!! I am praying for all of your preparations.

    Love you, friend.


  6. Wow!! Congratulations! I love how God loves us. So happy for you!

  7. God has once again blessed you and taken care of you! So happy that you are going and so soon! Although it probably does not seem soon to you. Take care my friend

  8. Oh! I'm so happy to read this news!!!!!!