Monday, January 23, 2012

This Just In.....

Steve sent me a brief email. He has met our boys Ephrem and Anteneh!! Here is an excerpt of what my sweet hubby had to say: (please note that this is written in haste, excitement and after 24 hours of no sleep.)

arrived okay here. a very impoverished area. horrible, absolutely horrible. i just want to stay in my room. people coming up to the car in crutches, wheelchairs when i had my window down with their hand out. our driver told us that the gov't does nothing to help these people

..........met the boys...they're awesome. it's unfortunate that their living conditions are not. truly truly a third world environment. i understand by our driver who stated the other orphanages are a lot better. not even an oven to cook. they use a wood burning stove. i was told they are in need at the orphanage of dry milk, pnut butter, jam etc.

sam played soccer in what space they had inside with anteneh, he's going to DEFINITELY take our soccer playing daughter to task. ephrem came right over and gave me a 'little' hug. when sam showed them his ipad of you dancing ephrem said, "mom?". he also knew most of our kids when their picture came up. he remembers quickly. we stayed for about an hour and forty minutes then we needed to meet up with the agency's office to go over a few things. then we were off to the bank and converted come cash.

sam's knocked out and i am soon to follow.

i can't emphasize enough how much poverty there is here. the room here is great and as modern as any other place.

It breaks my heart to know our boys are not living in the best of conditions and that their orphanage is one of the worst.

Oh Lord, this is from you....I can feel it in my bones. Steve and Sam are seeing things, people and situations that will change their perspectives and lives forever. Lord, let their reactions to this be reactions that are long lasting, far reaching and that please and glorify You. Thank you Lord for Ephrem and Anteneh. Already, they have been such blessings to our lives.


  1. Praising God with you Thea that your boys will be home soon! Praising Him also that He is opening all of our eyes and challenging our hearts to LOVE.
    I read this on Katie Davis' blog (Kisses from Katie)and I just had to share it with you.

    This quote is when she takes in just one more child to help, love on, even adopt... and people challenge her with her plate being too full...

    "Yes, my hands are full. My heart is full. My life is full. And that is why I do it. Because faith is a verb. Faith does. Love does. Our hands are full. And we believe we have been filled to spill out." - Katie Davis

    You are living this my friend. Thank you for having the courage and heart to allow your love to "spill out."

    Cannot wait to meet your boys! Love, Laura

  2. AH!!! I LOVE it!!!!!! How precious and exciting!!!

  3. I am so pleased to read this and that soon all of you will be under the same roof together. Already it seems that God is showing you that you are following His will.

  4. Thea,
    I am hanging onto every word, every call and every email from you with such excitement!!!!
    As someone who knows you "in real life" and has had the privilege of walking with you through this adoption, I am more convinced than ever that God is faithful. I see your and Steve's open hearts and the excitement in your current kiddos and I KNOW that not everyone would approach the adoption of older boys with such elation. They are coming to a place where they are indescribably WANTED! That's all any child longs for - to be wanted and to belong.
    I am honored to know you!

  5. "Steve and Sam are seeing things, people and situations that will change their perspectives and lives forever."

    Yes - Yes - YES!!! Forever changed, Lord. Let them - let us ALL - be changed.

    Love you, Thea ... and praying.

  6. How powerful. God must weep for the poverty and hardship of so many...but how He must smile at the gift you are giving these boys!