Monday, January 23, 2012

Pictures Speak...Pictures Open Eyes

These pictures are not an exhaustive overview of where our boys live, but it should give you a pretty good idea. There are a total of 13 children living here. About one fourth of them have HIV. Here are some pictures of what our boy's orphanage looks like........

This is right outside the orphanage...

This is the kitchen.......

This looks to be where the cups and dishes are stored.....

The sleeping and living area.......
(There is Sam playing soccer with some of the little ones..)

This is the play yard. Steve said he saw absolutely no toys at all in the orphanage and that the children did not have a whole lot to do.

This is all my boy's know. To them, this is probably good nor bad, just their life. Could you imagine your children growing up here?


  1. I have no words . . . I have seen many orphanages in The Philippines but they are PALATIAL compared to this.
    I just want to help.

  2. I have just caught up on your posts since the boys have left. I can't WAIT for your boys to be home with you. It's so sad to see the filth and squalor they've had to call 'home' for this long. I'd like to see the video of "Momma" dancing! lol

  3. I pray time travels quickly and your boys can explore their new home soon. Thank you for sharing your journey and for shining a light on the needs of many.

  4. cool to see Sam in Africa! What a trip of a lifetime for him. He will never be the same, I'm sure :)