Sunday, December 19, 2010

How Did We Get Here?

Well, I can tell you this much. When Steve and I were married, neither one of us married with the intention of having many children..let alone NINE of them. In fact, Steve was pretty enamoured with the thought of having just one child. I actually agreed to his crazy "Chinese-one-child-plan" while puking in the toilet due to the morning sickness from my first pregnancy. Who wouldn't agree?? Morning sickness bites.

However, immediately after having our first son, I knew that I would willingly spend hours puking in toilets for more babies.

And so I did for the next 12 years.

After many years of discussions, with babies being born in between, we eventually agreed that we would lay our childbearing at the feet of the Lord. This was all more complicated than my words portray, so don't let my "Cliff's Note" version of things fool you.

After our ninth child was born, Steve and I agreed that we would like to have one more. He is 47 and I am 42. I had been spoiled after the ease of getting pregnant 9 times without issue. The pursuit of the 10th child would be filled with grief, self reflection and big decisions. I was able to get pregnant twice with both pregnancies ending in miscarriage. The last miscarriage was of life long dream but without heartbeats.

It was time to re-evaluate.

During all of this, my husband and I read a book by the name of Radical by David Platt. Amazing book. Please do not cheat yourself by not reading it. It was after reading this book that Steve and I both knew that we had to adopt....soon. Again, after many discussions, we agreed to put our baby-making out to pasture and pursue some of God's children that really needed a family to call their own. Initially, I really struggled with this. I really wanted to have one more baby. But in the end, I could not justify having another baby when another child might suffer or die because I refused to hear and obey my Precious Lord's calling to care for some of His hurting children. As long as our lives are teaming with children, I don't care where they are from or why they are here. I just want a chance to call them our own and embrace them as part of our family.

So it is with great joy that my husband and I are in this together and excited. My children are already eagerly anticipating adding to our family. I am greatful that they will be able to witness adoption and the legacy it will create. My prayer is that they will see adoption as something they will strongly consider in building their future families.


  1. Hi, Thea. I hope it's ok that I found your blog from Nikki's and that I couldn't help but click follow. I am excited to watch your journey unfold!!

  2. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog. Years ago(maybe 10? or more) I had a strong urge to adopt. My husband was not against the idea. The children were thrilled. But, we were very, very busy with so many little ones that it seemed a ridiculous idea and we told ourselves that perhaps we would do it at the end of my childbearing years. Now, I have had 4 pregnancies(5 babies) in a year and a half. One even made it into the second trimester. The drs can find nothing wrong. Even my progesterone was high-which I am sure you have found out is a common reason at our age.
    Now, that adoption "promise" keeps creeping into my brain. it was easy to say that back when I was young and fertile. I keep pushing it to the back of my head thinking I still want one more of my own.
    I actually was going through almost all the mega family blogs yesterday and came across yours and thought, "Oh, she is going on to adoption, I don't want that." And, then you come onto my blog and leave a comment! My first thought was,"Dear Lord--are You really saying this to me?!"
    My husband does not even know all the thoughts about adoption I have been trying to push out of my head lately. He does know that I am at the end of my ropes and willing to go to (medical)lengths to have a baby now. He is a little wary about that not being God's design for us.
    What an emotional roller coaster! I probably should have e-mailed since it is so long! What finally led you to adoption? My e-mail is I am shaking my head right now as I cannot believe I am actually thinking about this. God bless you Thea