Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Heat of His Hand.

There are some things that are just inherent in a household of 11 people......a lot of them little people. One of the things that used to bug me, but now I hardly notice, are fingerprints and smudges. I've given up really. They are everywhere. At this point I just chalk it up to the decor and I am really thinking of getting a patent for the dirt colored design I see at waist level, like a border, all over my house. But, I will admit, there are days it gets the best of me and I try in vain to eradicate my house of all these smudges......proof of my family's existence.

But I'll tell you what, there are some smudges and fingerprints that I LOVE to see. The fingerprints and smudges of God all over my life.

This past week, my life has been overwhelmed by His much so that I literally still feel the heat of His hand.

Last week, I went in for an ultrasound to determine the location of the placenta in my uterus. My most recent ultrasound revealed a placenta that looked to be situated squarely over my cervix. If this were truly the diagnosis, it would mean several things. One, that travel to Ethiopia would be impossible due to the possibility of hemorrhaging. Two, it would also entail that I have a c-section as opposed to the home births with which I have been so spoiled and blessed. I was completely at peace with what ever needed to happen, but all things being said, I really wanted the placenta to move out of the way. The ultrasound last weak revealed a placenta that was totally off the cervix and not a threat. The Lord moved the stone away from the tomb and new life will be able to come forth! The ultrasound also revealed that there is a perfect little person being woven within me that is thriving.


Steve and I went in to get our biometric fingerprints done for the adoption of our sweet boys. We went two and a half weeks before our actual appointment date hoping that they would allow us in. It was like they were expecting us as the welcomed us with smiles and no questions. To make the visit even sweeter and more meaningful, our friends , the Crosses were there as well to get theirs done early. They are adopting a sweet little girl from the Philippines. It felt like the Lord just put us in the express lane. Steve and I were euphoric and walked out of the building high fiving each other.


I called my adoption agency to let them know where we were in getting our I-600A approval. We spoke of potential first travel dates, and the time of mid January was posed. I told them this was cutting it close in regard to my due date. Immediately things went into high gear and later that day, I was told that contacts in Ethiopia were now trying to get us an earlier court date due to our "situation". There are no guarantees, but the knowledge that there are people I don't even know pulling strings for us is humbling and brings an exciting sense of hope that I will be able to travel safely in this pregnancy.

Fingerprint and large beautiful smudges.

Lord, make a mess with all the evidence of your touch in my life. I am soaring as a result of the obviousness of your presence. I am in awe and I love feeling You so close that I can feel......the heat of your hand in everything we do. Please remind me of this time when I feel distant from you and wonder if you are there. Please remind me that your hands never leave me.

Thank you.

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