Saturday, August 20, 2011


I am elated to announce the arrival of both the referrals for our boys! As I spoke with our agency yesterday, I was told that it was very unusual for an orphanage to update already acceptable labs and photos....but they did. Everything is brand new. New pictures, new physicals and new labs.

As I looked (ok,
devoured) the latest photos of our boys, I was very cognisant of the difference in the demeanor of the boys from the very first pics I ever saw of them to the most recent ones. You see, in the first photos, they had no one pursuing one in sight. But it has come to light recently, that they are now very well aware that a family, our family, has claimed them. You can see the difference in their eyes. The light. They know.

Isn't that what we ultimately live for in life? be claimed? Ideally, we start off in life knowing we have been claimed by our parents and family. We belong. What does it do to a child's soul when this is missing? As we grow older, we long to be claimed by the love of another in the form of marriage. But even then, this hole of needing to be claimed is never satisfied until we accept being claimed and bought with the blood of Jesus Christ. It is only then that we come to a peace and understanding that can not be surpassed. The look on our boys' faces is a look I hope to see again when they come to know the love of their true Savior.

As I have told more and more people about what we are about to do....adopt, I keep getting the common sentiment of what "saints" we must be. This always takes me a second to register this because this is not how we see it at all. The way we see it, is that WE are the "lucky" ones. I think at times that I just can't believe that the Lord has chosen us to bless like this. This feels like the ultimate reward....these amazing children....these gifts of God. I literally feel like we have won the lottery jack pot over and over. Honestly, I don't feel like we deserve these boys. They are jewels. How is it that people can't see this?

Yes, we are the lucky ones.


  1. oh, Thea, I can definitely see the difference in their eyes/faces from the first to second picture!! They are both beaming and beautiful. You are very blessed.
    Thank you for the nice comment on my blog, it was well needed by me.

  2. I can see the difference in their eyes, too! I'm so happy for you all - for those precious boys, for your entire family :)

  3. When will you travel Thea??? So happy for your family!